Growing a trusted local Hair Salon in Canada

A trusted salon for over two decades, Unique Hair Spa collaborated with Ripples Digital to embrace the digital age, achieving not only a renewed brand image but also a significant increase in revenue and online visibility.

Jump in annual revenue
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With 20 years under their belt, Unique Hair Spa boasted a dedicated clientele that had been loyal for years. However, as times changed and their regulars aged, the salon felt a pressing need to attract a younger audience and amplify their digital presence.


Ripples Digital recognized the untapped potential of Unique Hair Spa. Here's how we brought them into the digital age:

  • Rebranding: First impressions matter. We revamped their brand identity, introducing a fresh logo and a vibrant color palette, infusing modern appeal while retaining their classic touch.
  • Website Overhaul: A complete website redesign was in order. With captivating storytelling, improved user experience, and the convenience of online booking, we gave their digital visitors the same warm welcome their physical guests had cherished for years.
  • SEO Enhancement: To ensure they're easily found by new potential clients, we beefed up their website's SEO, putting them right where they needed to be in online searches.
  • Social Media Reboot: We kickstarted their dormant social media profiles, equipped them with a dynamic strategy, and paved the way for them to interact with, and draw in, the younger audience they sought.
  • Results

    The numbers don't lie. Within just three months, Unique Hair Spa began to see a digital revival. Fast forward three years, and their efforts (and ours) bore impressive results

    "Before Ripples Digital stepped in, we knew we were missing out on the digital age, but we didn't know where to start. Their team not only gave our brand a fresh look but also skillfully navigated us through the digital landscape. Thanks to them, we've seen not just a spike in younger clients but also a remarkable boost in our monthly revenue. We're truly grateful for the immense growth and renewed brand energy they've brought to our salon!"

    Fariba Morshedi, Co-Founder

    Services Used

    Google Ads
    Marketing Strategy & Planning