A Success Story in the construction industry of Vancouver

From a fresh start to a booming business, our strategies powered RapidCrete's rise from startup to a million-dollar enterprise in just three years.

Revenue In the first month
Annual revenue after 3 years


Starting from scratch, RapidCrete needed a brand identity that resonated with their target audience and an online presence that would generate leads.


At Ripples Digital, we're not just about fancy buzzwords; we're about results. We began with the basics:

  1. Branding: We helped RapidCrete pinpoint a brand name that was memorable and relevant to their services. Then, we crafted a logo that symbolized their commitment to quality and rapid service.
  2. Going Digital: A website was built, tailored to showcase their expertise in concrete solutions. With SEO optimization, RapidCrete's services were pushed to the forefront when potential clients searched for them online.
  3. Visibility: Through Google My Business and strategic Google Ads, we didn't just get RapidCrete's name out there; we made sure they were seen by the right people.


In just the first month after launching, RapidCrete saw a whopping $15,000 in profit. And the momentum didn't stop there. With ongoing support from us—fine-tuning ads, updating their website, and continually improving SEO—their annual revenue skyrocketed to $1.8 million in just three years.

“With Ripples Digital’s support, we saw an immediate impact within the 1st quarter that resulted in impressive lead generation and income growth for our company”

Arash Khashei, Co-Founder

Services Used

Google Ads
Marketing Strategy & Planning